Healing Pathway: Portland Oregon Physical Therapists & Massage Therapy

Farewell Portland

Healing Pathway PT is closing

I extend deepest gratitude to all my patients and healing collaborators for trusting me, and anyone you referred my way, to be a guide for your body in your desire to have less pain and be more active! After 8 years of practice within Portland Natural Health clinic, I will be officially closing my doors October 1st 2016 as I fulfill my dream to live on land in the Columbia River Gorge. I will be taking a 6-month sabbatical before deciding on my next steps in practice.
I wish you the best on your healing path! ~ Holly

Medical Records:

I aim to provide the best continuity of care. For patients continuing PT with another provider, I am happy to consult with a future PT to guide a smooth transition of care. Our office will be happy to send medical records upon request and receipt of a signed Medical Release Form.

PT Referral Sources

Looking for a great PT with an Integrative approach to Physical Therapy?
Holly is pleased to to share several referral sources to meet your future PT and Massage therapy needs.
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