About Healing Pathway


Combining Holistic Physical Therapy & Therapeutic Massage

Healing Pathway is a practice dedicated to treating the whole person and developing a comprehensive treatment plan based on individual patient needs. My mission as a healthcare provider is to be hands-on therapists and resource to assist my patients in attaining greater health and wellness.   It is a goal for all patients to come away from our work together with lasting relief (feeling good), a deeper relationship with their bodies, and a ‘self-care tool box’ for long term support. Sessions may integrate bodywork with principles of alignment and postural re-training, yoga, breath work, and muscle stabilization to help patients find the joy in freedom of movement and a greater understanding of any underlying imbalances to support the body’s natural healing potential!

Healing Modalities

Back Massage

Manual Therapy:

Holly blends a myriad of hands-on bodywork modalities and massage techniques

  • Osteopathic and muscle energy techniques
  • Deep tissue, therapeutic and sports massage
  • Myofascial release
  • Joint mobilization techniques
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Trigger point release
  • Abdominal massage (influence by viscéral manipulation, mayan abdominal & chi ne tsang)
  • Strain counterstrain
  • Augmented soft tissue mobilization with tools (Gua Sha)
  • Cupping
  • Kinesiology taping techniques with RockTape
  • Cranial work and energetic healing

Customized Movement Therapy:

Muscle retraining and exercise therapy to balance the body

The exercise component of the visit is based on muscle specific lengthening, strengthening, and re-education with gradual progression and home program development. The active role patients take in their own healing process comes from learning a variety of self-care techniques and a concise, but thorough, exercise program that can be maintained to prevent future re-injury and promote wellness.

Movement strategies are inspired by core stabilization principles, yoga poses, breath work, neuromuscular re-education, Sahrmann and McKenzie techniques, activity specific training, proprioceptive training, functional activity, and freedom of movement. Foam rollers and self massage balls and tools are also a highly effective addition to the home program.

Customized Movement Therapy Guy Using Foam Roller

Breathwork & Mindfulness:

Reminders for finding homeostasis and stress management

Meditation doesn’t come easy for most people and there are many routes to bringing a more grounded and balanced capacity into your life.  Learning practical mindfulness techniques and bringing intention to your breath, are some of the most effective strategies for shifting your nervous system into a state of ‘rest and repair’ instead of our cultural norm of ‘fight, flight’ or persistent busyness. Together we will practice strategies to support healthy stress balance, somatic awareness and trauma reduction.

Postural Retraining & Ergonomics

Learning body mechanics and movement awareness to alleviate pain and prevent injury

Woven into sessions are tips that assist patients in finding good postural alignment and efficient movement patterns to alleviate the strain and compensation patterns of day to day life. Ergonomic and body mechanics assessment is observed in relation to work, sport or specific hobbies. So much of how we spend our days, correlates to chronic pain patterns especially with an increase in folks working from home.
Ergonomics - Lady on Computer
Woman Breathing - Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine

Supporting you in all aspects of daily living and your keys to aliveness

By collaborating with patients to look at many aspects of their daily life, we may integrate prevention and full spectrum care (versus a purely symptomatic approach to pain relief). If you are curious, I may guide you in lifestyle and self care tools to create a lasting healthful imprint such as nourishing food and eating habits, regular movement, good hydration, restorative sleep, curbing media use and overstimulation, stress coping strategies, self love practices, somatic listening, healthy pooping, joyful living, engaging your creative potential and finding positive social interaction. You intrinsically know what the keys are to feeling more joy in your life. How may we identify barriers to healthful lifestyle practices and support your motivation to integrate positive change in your life.
And if you need more support in a particular aspect of your life, this is where referrals within a broader healthcare team can be good medicine.
Lifestyle Medicine Herbal Oils
Physical Therapy Kinesio Tape
Barefoot Nature Walk

, AsFAQs

  • How is this Practice different from traditional PT?

Many traditional PT clinics focus on body-part specific treatment or standardized exercise programs with 30-45 min treatment times. And you may bounce around between therapist and be treated by PT aides and assistants.  Healing Pathway is unique in applying an integrative approach to rehabilitation with 60-90 min sessions that combine hands-on ‘manual’ therapy, individualized therapeutic exercise (movement strategies), and lifestyle medicine to restore balance to the body. You’ll have consistency with one therapist (Holly) who has 20 years bodywork experience. Out of pocket costs are notably lower than typical PT rates. As treatment times are longer and more focused, we typically need fewer sessions to meet your goals.

  • How should I prepare for my first session?

Basic logistics include: reading over the welcome email about location and ideally filling out paperwork ahead of time (or letting me know you’d like to arrive early to do so.)  Also, take a little time to think about your intention and motivation for seeking care. Take notice about what your body is telling you lately relative to pain patterns, any functional limitations and your body goals.  Please arrive to your session in clothing that allows treatment access (ie, bring shorts if your prime focus is your knee).

  • Do you take Insurance? What are costs and payment options?

Healing Pathway is primarily a private-pay clinic, yet Holly is an in network provider for a handful of local insurances (Regence,  Premera, Bridgespan, Asuris and Lifewise) as well as Motor Vehicle Insurance. Holly is not enrolled with Medicare.

Please follow the booking link to see time of service rates for New Patient Visit and Returning client Holistic Healing Sessions. You may pay in the office with Cash, Check, Venmo or Credit Card. Services may also be pre-paid through the booking app by Credit Card.

  • What’s a typical treatment plan duration?

At the end of your initial session, we will discuss your plan of care based on my evaluation, your goals, finances and available time.  Most clients begin with 2-4 sessions per month for a couple months then taper to monthly or quarterly once they have a good home program and are making steady progress.

  • What if I just want to schedule a massage?

Everyone needs some extra TLC these days. As Holly is both a PT and LMT, she weaves her knowledge and skill into all sessions with an ultimate desire to support you with tools for your short and long term goals (in addition to providing skilled bodywork for stress reduction and muscle relaxation). Holly’s massage technique is a flowing movement that is gentle and deep; leaving her clients grounded and rejuvenated.

All new clients will first schedule an ‘ Initial Evaluation & Treatment session’ so we may take the time to deeply listen to you and your body and get a full picture of how to best support your needs.  If your desire is a great massage, we will set an intention for the session and focus on specific area of imbalance or a full-body experience.  However, if you are only looking for receiving deep tissue massage and are not interested in gleaning some feedback from your body about tips and self care practices, Holly may not be your best style of therapist.

  • Do I need a doctor’s referral?

You do not necessarily need a referral from a physician to start Physical Therapy. In the state of Washington, patients may see a Physical Therapist with “direct access”. Even if you do not have a script, we find that a team approach to wellness is invaluable, and we are happy to collaborate with your other health care providers (with a simple form to complete to allow practitioners to communicate).

* If you have a referral, please bring this with you to your initial appointment.
Potential referring physicians can include: Medical Doctor (MD), Naturopath (ND), Chiropractor (DC), Osteopathic Physician (DO), Physicians Assistant (PA), Licensed Nurse Practitioner (LNP), Midwife (CNM) and Acupuncturist (LAc).

  • What’s the cancellation policy?

In general, you are expected to attend all of your appointments as I am reserving this time specifically for you. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please do so >24-hours prior to your appointment time. Ample advance notice assists my in filling an open spot with a patient on my waitlist.

If you need to cancel due to day of sickness or Covid exposure, there will not be a fee charged (thanks for reducing risk of transmission).

A $50 fee will be charged for sessions missed without adequate prior notification. This fee will be due prior to your next treatment. There is a link to remit payment on the scheduling page. I also understand there are occasional emergency situations. I sincerely appreciate your consideration of my time.

  • Do you offer Packages & Gift certificates?

Yes!   Gift Certificates are available for purchase through my booking link (either for New Patients (90 min) or 60 min Gift Certificates are an option for returning clients. Packages of 4 sessions (60 or 90min) are also available if you’d like to commit to consistent care, please aim to utilize them within 3-4 months.

  • Who would benefit from a session with Holly?

Holistic Physical Therapy can benefit a people experiencing a wide variety of musculoskeletal, neurological and pain conditions.

Holly works with patients of all ages from kids (typically older than 6yo), Pre-teens & teenagers (I love this age group), and adults across the life spectrum.

        • anyone desiring a fresh perspective on feeling better in their body
        • acute and chronic pain
        • spinal pain (neck/ thoracic/ low back/ sacral)
        • headaches
        • athletes in training or those wanting to return to recreational sports
        • fibromyalgia
        • women’s health concerns
        • tendonitis
        • pre/post surgical patients
        • vestibular impairments/ dizziness
        • TMJ disorders
        • whiplash from motor vehicle accidents
        • repetitive use and work related injuries
        • injury prevention
        • poor balance and weakness
        • stress and anxiety management
        • Poor posture
        • people who desire to understand their bodies more fully

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