Holly Hamilton

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Licensed Massage Therapist in White Salmon, Wa

From an early age, Holly has had a passion for the healing arts, science and the practice of compassion. Graduating from Wake Forest University in Health and Exercise Science, Holly returned to her hometown of Nashville, TN to study a variety of healing modalities at the Natural Health Institute and began her own practice as a licensed massage therapist in 2002. Excited to expand her knowledge, she chose to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Pacific University and moved to Portland with her husband. Holly graduated at the top of her PT class in 2006 with a specialty in orthopedics. She found beautiful land in White Salmon in 2011 and moved her home there full-time in 2016.

Holly describes her practice as Holistic Physical Therapy ~ using a combination of hands-on techniques and individualized therapeutic exercise to bring body awareness and balance to patients with dis-ease or limitations that are impairing quality of life. She also integrates principles of alignment and postural re-training, yoga, breath work, and core stabilization to help patients find the joy in freedom of movement. Each therapy session includes manual therapy, patient specific exercise/movement re-education, and a greater understanding of any underlying imbalances in the body.

Physical therapy borders on the fields of complimentary/alternative and traditional/ allopathic medicine, and she feels her calling in the healing community is to provide optimal physical rehabilitation while supporting the whole person. Physical pains and chronic conditions can be a manifestation of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical impairments. Giving an opportunity for a whole person perspective makes for a more successful and lasting treatment approach.

Holly embodies a calm positive strength as she aims to help her clients achieve wellness with skilled ongoing assessments and a customized program for each patient. To maintain balance in her own life, Holly seeks inspiration from outdoor explorations in the beauty of nature, tending her gardens, and creative collaborations with art, music and dance.

Wa PT #60099668

Wa MA # 60807870