Wondering why we are unique?

What makes our practice different?

Have you or a friend had physical therapy (PT) before and not been impressed?  Did it help a little, but you saw a different therapist every time or mostly the aide, not the PT?


What makes Healing Pathway different?  WE are the only person with you in the room for an hour.  We listen.  We care.  We personalize a program that is right for your body, lifestyle, and motivation level.  We don’t have lots of fancy gym equipment, but we have an excellent “eye” for movement problems and great hands on techniques to alleviate pain.  We help you learn how to care for your own body to prevent your issue from coming back.

We don’t just think of you as your diagnosis: “a knee,”  “a shoulder.”  We look at your whole body posture.  We feel that tight place that always complains or keeps you from sitting up straight, or interrupts your sleep.  We watch you do the movements of you life: work, sports, childcare, etc and show you how to support places that are weak or not stable.  We put compassionate hands on your body to help release pain and tension.  And we teach you what to do to self-manage so you are not reliant on someone else.

We listen to your history, the traumas and life events that have happened to you, to help manage fibromyalgia or the chronic neck pain or bad elbow that your have had for years.

Come to physical therapy at Healing Pathway.  We strive for wellness and teach you how to feel more in control of your body.