Bringing the Body into Balance with PT

balance-1As we have just past the Autumnal Equinox when day and night are in perfect balance, its a great time to put greater care back into our own bodies after the busyness of summer.  In Physical Therapy, we look at the big picture of our structural frame noting how muscle length and strength, areas of restriction, posture, and daily habits all come together to impact the ease in which we can stand up straight without discomfort.  We also often work on Balance literally by looking deeper at the three systems in the body that keep us from falling; our vision, proprioception (how our joints know where we are in space), and vestibular system (the inner ear).  If one of those systems is sending mixed input, then we are likely to loose our balance more often.  Core, hip and ankle strength, as well as the ability to manage stress are all key components to maintaing a steady stance is this busy world.

If you are interested in re-establishing a movement routine specific to your body’s needs, having hands-on therapy to alleviate pain/ imbalance, and learning self-care techniques, then PT would be a great fit for you this season.  Let us know how we can support you in finding the ideal Balance in your Body.

Be well,

Holly Hamilton DPT LMT