Creating my healing office and integrative practice


I feel nourished and grounded to be co:creating a new treatment space within the healing collective at 251 N Main St.  A special thank you to Dr. Jennifer Silapie for welcoming me to land in her office downstairs for several months until my office became available.

As of March 2019, Monica Rudestam and I will be sharing a healing space upstairs in a sunny nest of an office with a south facing window overlooking the Gorge and Mt Hood (I can see it when the tall tree blows in the wind). When you arrive, please utilize street parking, walk down the driveway to the back door of the house, and relax in the waiting area next to the kitchen. Help yourself to tea and water, and I will come down to greet you.

This will be my first office of my healing career that is not fully accessible. So if you are alter-abled or find that a flight of stairs will be a challenge for you, please contact Holly PRIOR to your session and we can make arrangements to utilize another office.

We aim for this treatment space to feel energetically clear, relaxing, and inspired by the healing essence of nature.

Along with the crafting of a new treatment office, I am excited to provide what feels intrinsically more like an “integrative” approach to physical rehabilitation and wellness services. As I have the ability to wear two “different hats” as a Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist, in the past I have aimed to keep these roles separate enough to offer different styles of sessions, price points and a focus that would satisfy the practice acts of each profession. The nuances of this may seem subtle, yet to me energetically, it can feel limiting to withhold PT wisdom in a massage session or to provide a nourishing approach to massage for a PT client.

When you are working with me, I want to be able to fully offer my healing intuition and skill sets across all sessions.  This means, all new clients will first receive a holistic Physical Therapy evaluation and we will tap into your body’s wisdom to help guide our treatment plan for each session.  Sessions may have a traditional orthopedic PT approach to rehab, or may weave in a breadth of wisdom to support the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our beings that can manifest as chronic pain in the physical body, or sessions may be focused on relaxation tools to reduce stress, muscle tension and help your body feel good (with some tips to help it stay that way).

Along with this consolidation of my offerings, I am choosing to offer healing sessions on a sliding scale.  For a decade, I have consistently aimed to offer extended treatment times, one on one care, and lower rates than is standard in the PT industry. As I am a self-pay clinic with that does not take insurance, I have some flexibility to allow patients to pay on a scale that is based on their income and the intrinsic value of the session, while still honoring the two decades I have devoted to being a doctor and healing arts practitioner. This scale spans my previous Massage and PT rates and allows for an integration of value.

Would you like to experience integrative physical therapy, bodywork and healing arts wrapped into a session with me? Reach out to schedule a session or set up a time to come by and visit my new space.

With gratitude and joy,  Holly