Holistic Physical Therapy

An Integrative approach to Physical Therapy & Healing Arts in White Salmon, Wa

Healing Pathway is a practice dedicated to treating the whole person and developing a comprehensive treatment plan based on individual patient needs. My mission as a healthcare provider is to be hands-on therapists and resource to assist my patients in attaining greater health and wellness. By working with the whole patient in many aspects of their daily life I will integrate prevention and full spectrum care versus a purely symptomatic approach to pain relief.

Physical Therapy (PT) supports the full spectrum of healing that occurs with pain, injury, or physical limitations. Many traditional PT clinics focus on body-part specific treatment or standardized exercise programs. What you will find in our sessions together is an integrative approach to rehabilitation with on average of 60 minute follow-up appointments and an initial evaluation of up to 90 minutes. I use a combined approach of hands-on ‘manual’ therapy, individualized therapeutic exercise (movement strategies), healing modalities, and holistic patient education to restore balance to the body and assist your natural healing potential.  It is a goal for all patients to come away from our work together with lasting relief (feeling good), a deeper relationship with their bodies, and a ‘self-care tool box’ for long term support.

Manual Therapy Techniques

  • osteopathic and muscle energy techniques
  • deep tissue & therapeutic massage
  • myofascial release
  • joint mobilization
  • strain counterstrain
  • lymphatic drainage
  • trigger point therapy
  • augmented soft tissue mobilization
  • taping techniques and a variety of additional treatment methods.

Patient-specific therapeutic exercise

The exercise component of the visit is based on muscle specific lengthening, strengthening, and re-education with gradual progression and home program development. The active role my patients take in their own healing process comes from learning a variety of self-care techniques and a concise, but thorough, exercise program that can be maintained to prevent future re-injury and promote wellness.

Movement strategies are inspired by core stabilization principles, yoga poses, breath work, neuromuscular re-education, Sahrmann and McKenzie techniques, activity specific training, proprioceptive training, and freedom of movement. Foam rollers and self massage balls and tools are also a highly effective addition to the home program.

Posture and functional movement re-training

Assisting patients to find postural balance and efficient movement patterns to alleviate the strain and compensation patterns of day to day life. Ergonomic and body mechanics assessment are performed in relation to work, sport or specific hobbies.

Holistic Physical Therapy can benefit a wide variety of musculoskeletal and neurological dysfunctions:

  • acute and chronic pain conditions
  • spine pain
  • headaches
  • athletes in training or those wanting to return to recreational sports
  • fibromyalgia
  • women’s health issues
  • tendonitis
  • pre/post surgical patients
  • vestibular impairments/ dizziness
  • TMJ disorders
  • whiplash from motor vehicle accidents
  • repetitive use and work related injuries
  • injury prevention
  • poor balance and weakness
  • stress management
  • people who desire to understand their bodies more fully