Research indicates that keeping your body moving throughout the day assists in prevention of muscular imbalances, improves overall cardiovascular health, enhances one’s capacity to tolerate physiological and psychological stress, and provides a healthy distraction from stressful life and work situations.

How often have you skipped out on exercise because you’re short on time? Regardless of how jam-packed your schedule is especially over the holidays, I bet you have 10 minutes to spare! Do you know your metabolism stays elevated for hours after you finish exercising. You burn the same amount of calories doing four 10-minute workouts as you do in a 40-minute workout, but if you do 10-minute workouts throughout the day you get the benefits of the ‘after burn’ all day long. And you prevent strain and stress on your body from sinking too deep into the couch.  For some 10 minute tips visit:

For more ways to get movement flowing through your day, check out these creative, low-cost and perhaps entertaining options for increasing activity level.  They are simple movements that can be done by everyone. In addition to benefiting your mind and body, you might even get a good laugh to lift your spirit!

Once you’ve gotten moving, then you can let go of stress with a short nap (rest is therapeutic too).

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