Sun-filled Greetings!!

Each week is unique in these potent times, yet there is a steady trend towards more gentle socialization and perhaps an internal stirring for connection.  I aim to honor everyone’s experience as it unfolds in this moment… throughout quarantine each person’s story is unique and every family is moving forward with what actions they feel are best. Im noticing there is a tenderness that comes with change and “not knowing.” I am also witnessing what presents in people’s bodies when there are less hugs, touch and connection.  Also, a lot of people (including myself) have poured their productivity into gardens and projects or started new workout regimes…is your body sore in new ways?  Others (me too) have leaned into comfort patterns that help deal with stress with imbibing in more sweets or adult beverages….are you feeling it?   Whatever your experience for the past months… Are you ready for bodywork or a dialogue about your wellness goals for the season ahead? 

Another month has passsed since my last update to you and several patients have reached out with questions about my degree of clinic opening… Yes I am Open (it just looks a little different)

I have been softly “open” for weeks and now Massage Therapy services are deemed fully available in Washington with some extensive modifications (which I have implemented) so that both patient and practitioner may have a positive experience.  Please consider your own health risk/ benefit when making a choice to schedule. I am doing my best to take full precautions and feel that in person compassionate care is an important step for a healthful future!  Online scheduling is available or you may text or call to set up a time.  I am also still offering discounted Tele-health sessions (please inquire if you are interested). 

Some things to expect at your session to help support a healthful experience:

  • We are not currently using our shared cozy waiting room. Instead please wait outside and text me (503.330.2848) when you arrive, so I can come down to greet you. I am planning additional time between clients so I will be available. I’ll aim to check the door a few minutes prior to your appointment time.
  • I am following a disinfectant protocol of any touchable surfaces at the start of my day and between clients
  • Please wash your hands (for 20 sec) in kitchen or bathroom sink when you arrive and before you depart.
  • I request that you come wearing a mask or facial covering for your appointment (I will be wearing one as well).
  • Slip off your shoes outside of my office and place all personal belongings on the couch which will have a clean drape.
  • As we will not have tea/water service out, please bring your own bottle (you are welcome to refill it).
  • For bodywork clients, showering prior to your appointment is appreciated.
  • As the common spaces in the office are shared, please aim to give courteous distance to any other patrons (we are aiming to minimize overlap as able).
  • Hepa filtration and fan will be going throughout the session, essential oil diffuser (with patient consent), and an open window for air flow (moving towards AC unit time)
  • I will change clothing between clients if they have come into patient contact or don a ’smock’ as necessary.
  • Anything else?… Let me know if you have thoughts or requests…Massage in the park isnt an option though…

Please note, that due to Covid, I request that patients answer health screening questions prior to your appointment. If any of these questions are a YES, please call me prior to scheduling:

  • Do you feel sick/ unwell or have you in the last two weeks? 
  • Do you or does anyone living in your home currently or intimate work environment had a fever, cough or shortness of breath in the last two weeks? Have you been tested for Covid 19?

**As I mentioned in my last email, I am beginning to offer in-network billing for select health plans (Regence, Premara, Bridgespan, Lifewise, and Motor Vehicle).  If you are interested in using these benefits, please let me know prior to your session as there are several steps that need to be in place.

Best Wishes to you! May you have ample outdoor adventures (pace yourself), fresh air and nature time often, nourishing food from local gardens, quality time with dear ones, and find something to feel gratitude for each day.

Warmly, Holly





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