Gentle Opening for these Times… Late Spring 2020

  Sun-filled Greetings!! Each week is unique in these potent times, yet there is a steady trend towards more gentle socialization and perhaps an internal stirring for connection.  I aim to honor everyone’s experience as it unfolds in this moment… throughout...

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Health Tips forQuarantine

What are some tips to help support your Immune, Nervous and Myofascial systems right now? 1) Breathe…Really!   I invite you to notice whats swirling through your mind throughout the day. When we replay a stressful event in the past or rehearse/ plan/ worry about...

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A new practice location in White Salmon

As of December 2018, Healing Pathway has a new location in town! Come visit at: 251 N. Main St., White Salmon Wa, 98672. My office will now be located with the tan craftsman style house a few blocks north of Jewett across from Rhinegarten Park.  I will be sharing a...

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Opening in the Gorge ~ Hello White Salmon

After nearly a decade of running my Physical Therapy practice in Portland, I am so grateful to have taken some precious time in this last year to rest, reflect, and renew.  As a healer, this opportunity to spend time in the forest, start a homestead garden, connect...

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“Primal” Posture for Pain-free Living

A key aspect to pain reduction throughout our bodies is to practice ideal alignment of our joints, lengthening our spines as bend and move with good mechanics (building stamina vs adding to wear and tear). A significant part of the teaching that comes from working...

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Lets Get Rolling: The Art of Self Massage Techniques

It's time to get out your rolling pin! It's not for making apple pie ~  have you tried it for massaging your thighs? As a Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist, I integrate some form of soft tissue release into most sessions with my patients. However, I...

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Keep it Moving

Research indicates that keeping your body moving throughout the day assists in prevention of muscular imbalances, improves overall cardiovascular health, enhances one’s capacity to tolerate physiological and psychological stress, and provides a healthy distraction...

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Find your Healing Path

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